“The greatest want of this age is men. Men who are not for sale. Men who are honest, sound from centre to circumference, true to the heart’s core. Men who will condemn wrong in friend or foe, in themselves as well as others. Men whose consciences are steady as the needle to the pole. Men who will stand for the right if the heavens totter and the earth reels. Men who can tell the truth and look the devil right in the eye. Men that never brag nor run. Men that neither swagger nor flinch. Men who can have courage without whistling for it, and joy without shouting to bring it. Men in whom the current of everlasting life runs still, and deep and strong. Men careful of God’s honor and careless of men’s applause. Men who know their duty and do it. Men who know their places and fill them. Men who will not lie. Men who are not too lazy to work, nor too proud to be poor. Men who are willing to eat what they have earned, and wear what they have paid for. Men whose feet are on the everlasting rock. Men who are strong with divine strength, wise with the wisdom that cometh from above, and loving with the love of Christ. Men of God.” 

Well Springs of Truth, W.W. Breese 1883